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Social media management reseller service

If you are looking for social media management reseller service, then you have indeed come at a right place.

We at yoyo media have been offering social media management service for over 10 years now and thereby empowered a lot of agencies, business consultants and much more.

Thus, you can white label our services and sell it to your potential clients such that the trust and revenue is increased.

What makes our social media management white label program so effective?

There are a number of reasons which makes our white label program so effective. Some of them has been mentioned below:-

  • We have great track record of success

Yoyomedia has served more than 200+ customers from different industries and thereby provided great results and expert management. We make sure to provide our customers with the highest quality of work at a very competitive price.

  • Easy and fast to implement

Getting started with our white label program is quite easy. Once we are aware of the clients and their respective objective, then we go ahead to plan a strategy that can work towards that particular goal. Besides this, we also help in proposal making that you can eventually send to your customer.

  • Reporting is transparent and direct

We are associated directly to our white label partners such that we can together generate effective results for their clients. All the reporting that we do is transparent and direct to our partner and we would never communicate with your clients.

What are the things that your client would get when you would select us?

There are several benefits your client would get while you become our reseller partner. Let us see:-

  • Social media manager dedicated to your client

A dedicated social media manager would be assigned who would handle different social media accounts of your client. The assigned person would be highly proficient and trained in content creation, social media strategy as well as ad management.

Furthermore, the social media manager would report to you directly on a monthly or biweekly basis.

  • Daily management

Our white label social media management program helps to manage, optimize and update the social media accounts of your clients through the help of our social media manager. Further, the pages of your clients would be monitored daily for questions, comments, reviews and several other activities.

  • Custom content creation

Our social media managers create unique copy and images for social media accounts of our customers. In addition, the content generated by us would be loved by the audience of your client. We use creative and captivating approach that delivers great result for our customers.

  • Increased followers and traffic

With our social media services, the website traffic, followers and in-store traffic of your clients would be increased. We implement a combination of various strategies such as strategic advertising, great content and engagement such that leads for the businesses are generated.

So, if your customer is looking to increase their sales and awareness, then our social media services can be quite useful for them.

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